Rebecca Campbell, MA | General Mental Health Psychology Intern 

Becca is a clinical psychology Ph.D. student from the University of Arkansas, under the supervision of Dr. Ellen Leen-Feldner. She completed her bachelor’s degree in psychology and religious studies at the University of Pittsburgh. Her main research interests involve investigating the effects of sleep loss on emotion regulation with the goal of using this knowledge to inform approaches to psychotherapy. Specifically, her dissertation aims to illuminate the effects of acute sleep deprivation on the ability to reappraise negative situations. Her interests also expand into sleep interventions in integrated primary care settings. Her aim is to quantify patient need and leverage the interdisciplinary team to increase access to evidence-based interventions. Currently Becca is collaborating with an interdisciplinary team to 1) assess rates of sleep problems in a university integrated primary care setting, and 2) to conduct a randomized-control trial to test a “single-shot” of cognitive behavioral therapy for insomnia. Becca’s clinical concentrations include behavioral sleep medicine and integrated primary care. While her training centered around cognitive behavioral approaches, she considers her approach as integrative with an emphasis on strong case conceptualization, adaptive use of evidence-based treatments, and routine outcome monitoring. In her free time, Becca enjoys playing boardgames and tabletop roleplaying games, reading, and camping.

Elizabeth Corning, MA | Child Psychology Intern

Elizabeth Corning is a student intern completing her predoctoral training through the University of Arizona Clinical Psychology Internship Program child/adolescent track. Originally from the suburbs of Chicago, IL, she received a bachelor’s degree in psychology from the University of Alabama in 2017 and is pursuing her Ph.D. in clinical psychology within the Child Clinical-Developmental Psychopathology focus at Northern Illinois University. Elizabeth’s clinical interests involve working with children and families to provide empirically supported intervention for youth developmental, behavioral, and social emotional concerns with a focus on treatment of anxiety disorders. Her training additionally includes a strong emphasis on child and adolescent psychological and neuropsychological assessment. Prior to her internship at U of A, Elizabeth worked as a clinician providing therapy and evaluation services in an outpatient practice focused on comprehensive pediatric neuropsychological evaluation. Her professional experience also includes involvement in parental responsibility evaluations and the intersection between clinical psychology and family law. Complimenting clinical interests in family dynamics and youth pathology, Elizabeth’s academic research examines how family processes contribute to the development and maintenance of youth externalizing disorders in populations of economically disadvantaged youth. Specifically, she is interested in exploring how parenting behaviors and environmental influences at the community level may act as risk or protective factors in the development of child and adolescent conduct problems and callous-unemotional traits.

Celina LaForge, MA | Child Psychology Intern

Celina LaForge is a doctoral student in the School Psychology program at the University of Arizona. She received her B. S. in Elementary Education from Northern Arizona University. Upon completing her degree, she became an elementary school teacher for two years. She then completed her M.A. in School Psychology with a specialization in Bilingual School Psychology from the University of Arizona. She has worked in the Vail School District as a school psychologist for the past several years where she specialized in working with students on developing their mental health, learning, and behavior. As a school psychologist, she became part of children’s communities, partnering with family and school systems to support children’s well-being. Celina then pursued advanced education and training through doctoral studies in the School Psychology program at the University of Arizona, during which she has provided person-centered therapy services and has further developed specialization in the assessment and treatment of bilingual and bicultural youth with neurodevelopmental and related disorders. Her training across the past two years has focused on psychological and behavioral health services to culturally and linguistically diverse youth, which will culminate in a dissertation on the impact of function-based treatment on Hispanic parenting stress, treatment acceptability and child behavioral outcomes. Through her internship, she aims to expand upon her skill set in providing evidence-based practices to marginalized communities through a culturally responsive framework. Outside of work, she enjoys spending time with her family, reading, and hiking.

Genna Losinski, MA | General Mental Health Psychology Intern

Genna Losinski, MA is a pre-doctoral psychology intern at the University of Arizona Department of Psychiatry. She is currently working toward her PhD in Clinical Psychology at the University of Kansas (Lawrence, KS) where she received her MA in 2019. Prior to starting her graduate studies, Genna earned a BS from John Carroll University (Cleveland, OH) in 2013 and later worked as a research coordinator at the Cleveland Clinic Center for Brain Health (Cleveland, OH). In this position, Genna learned firsthand how neurodegenerative diseases can impact the lives of people living with them and their families, and she witnessed the fortitude many exhibit in the face of their illness. These experiences fueled Genna’s decision to seek a career in clinical health psychology. Over the course of her clinical training, she has gained experience in providing evidence-based treatment to patients from diverse backgrounds in a variety of healthcare settings including integrated primary care, acute inpatient rehabilitation, outpatient oncology, and behavioral pediatrics. Genna also has experience completing psychological evaluations for medical interventions for both the spine and bariatric centers. Genna’s research program is broadly focused on advancing the understanding of preventive health strategies by examining the relationship between modifiable lifestyle behaviors and disease risk as people age. She has developed a strong interest in women’s health disparities over the lifespan and seeks to understand reasons for aging, gender, and sex disparities in preventative healthcare. In her spare time, Genna enjoys baking and exploring the local parks with her partner and beloved dog, Huckleberry.

Leilani Puentes, MA | General Mental Health Psychology Intern

Leilani Puentes is a 28-year-old Hispanic, Indigenous, and Caucasian woman who started her career in the field of psychology at a young age, learning the importance of effective and efficient psychological care through the needs of her family. “I am thankful to have always known what I wanted my career to be, and even more thankful now that I am closer to the finish line. In terms of my clinical aspirations, I have a deep interest in neuropsychological testing as it relates to the aging process and addiction. I also find that I am most comfortable in group therapy settings, where my upbringing in a sizable family environment serves me well. For this reason, I foresee a career as a neuropsychologist that provides both testing and traditional therapeutic services targeted to meet the specific needs of my community. I am also heavily involved in research and plan to hold a longstanding position on the edge of new investigations. With regards to my personal life, I have a brilliant two-year-old son who wants to grow up to be a firefighter just like his dad. I enjoy playing the piano and painting when I am able, as well as baking desserts with my sisters. I very much look forward to fostering my professional abilities alongside my colleagues during internship and am very thankful for this opportunity.”