Average Call Volume

PGY 1 - 16-18 calls per year
PGY 2 - 14-16 calls per year
PGY 3 - 14-16 calls per year
PGY 4 - 0 calls per year

Call Description

PGY1 - Call is spread primarily between the South campus and the VA. Call during the first year is during the day and will not include any overnight responsibilities. At the VA residents cover the inpatient unit while at the South campus they are responsible for covering the ED and any acute psychiatric issues on the general floor or the psychiatric floor. Shifts at the VA are usually 8-9 hours while shifts at South campus are 12 hour shifts. There is on-site Attending coverage at both sites. 


PGY2/3- Call is spread primarily between the University Campus and South Campus. Residents on call at the University campus will also cover VA psychiatric admissions over the phone and place orders via remote access. Shifts will include both day and overnight shifts of 12 hours in duration however, PGY3 typically take the majority of night shifts. Residents are responsible for follow-ups and new evaluations which usually consists of acute psychiatric emergencies or consults that may arise on the medical or surgical floors, as well as the ED. Attending coverage will be available over the phone or in person depending on the site and time of day.