Dr. Breitborde Discusses EPICENTER

March 25, 2014 - In a recent interview with Arizona Public media, the Department of Psychiatry’s very own Dr. Nicholas Breitborde was able to discuss the Early Psychosis Intervention Center, or EPICENTER. In the interview, Dr. Breitborde discusses his motivation for pursing psychology and creating the EPICENTER.

According to the International Early Psychosis Center, fewer than 20 programs like EPICENTER are available across the US. Unlike traditional treatments for psychotic illnesses, EPICENTER involves a more broad and inclusive design. The EPICENTER is one of the first of its kind as the clinic provides care for free through research participation. The program offers a variety of different treatment programs and tracks to cater to each individual.

EPICENTER also involves much more family and community involvement than a typical therapy service. The program stresses that each member have a family member that will also participate, as “one of the hallmarks of these illnesses is a withdrawal from social relationships,” Breitborde said.

The article goes on to discuss mental illness prevalence in the United States and the devastating effects of these illnesses if gone untreated. In its fourth year, EPICENTER has collected some very interesting results. “Within six months, most participants return to school or work, get their symptoms under control, expand their social networks, and see their cognitive deficits dramatically decrease, said Breitborde.”

See the full interview here at https://www.azpm.org/s/17727-innovative-intervention-center-helps-youth-with-psychosis/

For more information regarding EPICENTER and eligibility visit http://psychiatry.arizona.edu/patient-care/epicenter

Release Date: 
03/27/2014 - 2:57pm