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Pride Month

By: Jordan Karp, MD | June 17, 2022

It is astonishing to know that, for nearly a century, the American Psychiatric Association held that homosexuality was a mental disorder and identified it as such in the DSM.

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Talking about Racism with Patients

By: Jordan Karp, MD | May 27, 2022

Combating racism requires a multi-pronged approach at all levels of society. As we work on dismantling structural racism, we must also dismantle racism in our healthcare setting as providers working with patients.

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What is the potential role of exercise in preventing depression?

By: Jordan Karp, MD | April 27, 2022

For many patients with depression, exercise can be a potent treatment for depression, either alone or as combination therapy. As healers, part of our mission is to not only treat but to prevent mental illness. So, what is the potential role of exercise in preventing depression?

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A (simple) Question

By: Patricia Harrison-Monroe, PhD | January 10, 2022

Bias lives in all of us and it plays out in our personal and professional lives in many ways. As researchers, we may be aware of the arduous task of recruiting a diverse subject pool, recognizing that generalizing results to the larger population when your subjects do not reflect the community is more than just a pitfall of doing human research.

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Words Matter: Choosing the Best Language to Reduce Stigma

By: Jordan Karp, MD | November 17, 2021

Stigma about mental illness and addiction continues to interfere with both prevention and care.

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