Sleep and Health Research Program

Sleep is an important part of health and daytime functioning. It is a biological requirement for human life. Just think about that -- every human who has ever lived has gone to sleep (nearly) every day of their life. This is no accident, but an expression of a complex result of genetics, physiology, and behavior that exists in a social-environmental context. The Sleep and Health Research Program aims to gain a better understanding of how sleep works, how it impacts health, how it is influenced by the world around us, and what we can do to help people get better sleep.

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Michael A. Grandner PhD, MTR, CBSM, FAASM, FAHA

Director, Sleep and Health Research Program
Director, Behavioral Sleep Medicine Clinic
Assistant Professor of Psychiatry, College of Medicine
Assistant Professor of Medicine, College of Medicine
Assistant Professor of Psychology, College of Sciences
Assistant Professor of Nutritional Sciences, College of Agriculture and Life Sciences