kalia and emerick
Local opinion: Bridging healthcare gaps for pregnant and postpartum women in Arizona

The work of Drs. Kalia and Emerick in the Arizona Perinatal & Pediatric Access Lines is highlighted in a recent Arizona Daily Star article.

emerick and kalia
AZPM shares the upcoming Fair Play Documentary screening.

Alecia Vasquez sits down with two physicians from the Arizona Perinatal Psychiatry Access Line to discuss the process through which new parents can find the work-life balance that best fits their family.

sad girl
Busting myths: Understanding children’s mental health

Saira Kalia, MD, and Jacquelin Esque, MD, co-directors of the Arizona Pediatric Psychiatry Access Line, dismantle common myths surrounding children’s mental health.

Finding small ways to cope with stress builds resilience

Noshene Ranjbar, MD, associate professor of psychiatry, was quoted by UArizona Health Sciences on ways to reduce stress in recognition of National Stress Awareness Month.

esque kalia
Phoenix KNXV-TV announces the new Arizona Pediatric Psychiatry Access Line

Phoenix KNXV-TV announces the new Arizona Pediatric Psychiatry Access Line, directed by our psychiatrists Drs. Kalia and Esque.

Kalia, MD
Behind the smile: How a nonprofit organization and a postpartum depression pill seek to help fight a silent battle

Cronkite News interviewed Saira Kalia, MD, associate professor of psychiatry at the University of Arizona College of Medicine in Tucson and the director of the Arizona Perinatal Psychiatry Access Line, about the new postpartum depression pill.

Drs Esque and Kalia, co-directors of the AZ Pediatric Psychiatry Access Line.
New Pediatric Psychiatry Access Line can help health care providers treat children with mental health disorders

UArizona Health Sciences features Saira Kalia, MD and Jacque Esque, MD, about the Az Pediatric Psychiatry Access Line.

worker sleeping
Your boss is probably getting more sleep than you are, survey says.

Dr. Michael Grandner was interviewed by Fortune Well to discuss the results of a survey that claims that 1 in 3 workers admit to napping during work hours and the fact that CEOs sleep longer than other type of employees.

Rohit Madan, MD
Augmentation Strategies for Treatment-Resistant Depression

Given that two-thirds of patients treated for a major depressive episode will fail to achieve remission of symptoms after 2 or more treatment trials of first-line antidepressants, the probability of remission will further decrease with subsequent medication trials. Assistant Professor Rohit Madan shares his research on this subject.

Naloxone Saves Lives

Arizona Department of Health Services features Melody Glenn, MD, in the video "Naloxone Saves Lives,” which includes other healthcare providers, public health professionals, and overdose survivors sharing their experiences with naloxone and the importance of its availability.