The Eye of the Hurricane for Cancer Patients

The challenge of having a diagnosis of cancer is formidable. The diagnosis itself starts a journey that is often fraught with fear, denial, uncertainty, waiting, and strain on relationships. Often, this challenge is so daunting that it may lead to anxiety, panic, depression, confusion and despair. Mind-Body Medicine Skills Groups have been proven, through dozens of research papers in major medical journals, to improve the cancer patient's quality of life, decrease depression and anxiety, enhance social relationships with patients' loved ones as well as their physicians, and assist them in re-establishing new purpose in their lives. The most recent and largest study of its kind assessing survivorship in breast cancer patients involved in such groups demonstrated a significant advantage in longevity. These Groups teach medical knowledge, experiential exercises to help cope with symptoms, as well as provide a professionally facilitated group support that enhances healing, The Eye of the HurricaneTM groups of 8-9 patients each are offered by the Arizona Cancer Center UMC-North, with large financial support from the Center.

For further information on these groups please call (520) 626-6586 to book a 30-minute intake appointment.