The Eye of the Hurricane for Women Challenged by Infertility

nfertility has an impact on every aspect of a woman's life. It can affect the relationship with her partner, family and friends; her job and financial security; and her faith and self-esteem. Infertility exposes a couple to the promising technological and pharmaceutical regimens of the 21st Century, while simultaneously making them emotionally vulnerable to the stresses involved. In fact, many people in the community still do not understand or empathize with the hardships that the couple with infertility bears.

Research on infertility has definitively shown that Mind-Body Medicine Skills Groups enhance a woman's quality of life, decrease anxiety and depression, improve social relationships, and in some cases, significantly enhance fertility rates. Now a reputable and complete medical program for infertility, similar to those at Harvard, Georgetown, and UCLA, has been brought to Arizona by Dr. Mark Gilbert, a University of Arizona professor who is an expert on the psycho physiologic aspects of infertility. Mind-Body Medicine Skills Groups have helped those individuals touched by the problems of infertility to enhance their reproductive and emotional health through the use of specialized Mind-Body Medicine techniques. The Eye of the HurricaneTM is now helping Arizonan women suffering from infertility to reclaim their lives. This comprehensive medical program for infertility helps participants to restore their sense of well being, control, and enjoyment of life; reduces mood problems (depression, anger, anxiety and social isolation); decrease physical symptoms (fatigue, headache, insomnia, pain) and benefits their chances of conception at least three-fold. Moreover, Dr. Gilbert has established an affiliation with the Reproductive Health Center in Tucson, a Clinic serving Southern Arizona whose philosophy is holistic in nature, providing the infertility patient with the most up-to-date technology, expert knowledge, and best hope for conception.

The Mind-Body Medicine Skills Group in Infertility is held for consecutive 10 weeks, with a 1 month and 4 month follow-up. Each consecutive session is 3 hours each, and the follow-ups sessions are 2 hours each. Each 3 hour session is divided into a didactic, experiential and groups process piece. The didactic sessions cover all evidence-based medical aspects of Mind-Body Medicine, including the history of the field, the latest research on stress physiology, imagery, spirituality, emotional awareness, the way individuals perceive themselves and their life, nutritional awareness, family roles and communication, humor, the research on forgiveness, and many other topics. Experiential exercises are taught in meditation, biofeedback, yoga, sound and health, and a variety of other coping skills. The group process piece is professionally facilitated in specific researched format that provides safety, healing, support, and purpose.

In order to receive a free, 30-minute introductory interview with Dr. Gilbert, please call (520) 626-6586 and refer to this web page.