It is a life-changing experience. Treat yourself to this empowering experience which helps you to understand and love yourself without being judgmental. You will learn to be compassionate with your heart and soul. - I.B.

Participating in the Eye of the Hurricane was the most life-changing event that I have encountered so far. The lectures, relaxation techniques and activities were excellent and have changed the way I think and respond to stressors/life events. The group therapy portion was very beneficial in healing. I also met some wonderful women whom I will always share a special bond with, I highly recommend Mind-Body Groups to anyone. It was a wonderful experience! -J.D.P

The Mind-Body group experience was a very special one that I will always treasure. I highly recommend it to anyone- whether they are experiencing a life crisis, life transition or simply wish to learn and grow. This is a very empowering journey- one that should be experienced to fully appreciate it. - J.K.

I went into this program knowing that I was in trouble- the thought of being in group was somewhat daunting. We not only shared the wounds and pain, but also our accomplishments, great or small. And we all cared and celebrated, and suffered together. The lectures gave us solid facts, and the facilitators gently taught us skills that we use daily. A fabulous experience that will be with me always. - A.S.

A very beneficial course. Knowledge and strategies enable one to be focused, mindful and be able to function with less stress. - E.W.

It's worth years of individual therapy! It's a gift you can give yourself. It will definitely change you and there's no going back! - M.M.

After the completion of this Program you will feel empowered and more than ever before in control of your life. You will learn to take care of the problems of life. This Program should be mandatory for everyone. It was invaluable for me to help manage stress. - D.J.

I would highly recommend investing this time in yourself. We rarely spend so much time thinking about the connection between our physical/mental/spiritual selves and it was a very enlightening experience to study the connectedness/integration of our being. - K.M.

The information presented here applies to almost everyone. Most everyone would benefit in one way or another by this Program. Adults learn best through experience and sharing; this is a wonderful opportunity for just that. - J.N.

It was a wonderful experience over all, and I took key elements and have applied them to my everyday life to better remind me of who I am and how important I am. [To educators]If you would like your members to be self-nurtured towards free thinking and better health in both mind-spirit and body. DO IT! - P.N.

I strongly recommend it. This course would benefit anybody struggling with something in their life- they will gain clarity in handling it and more than that, they will gain a greater sense of well-being. - C.C.

The educational part alone is worth every dollar! The group time is perhaps what makes the whole experience so powerful. It is gentle, accepting and non-judgmental. You do or say as little or as much as you like. Your obligation is simply to come and be part of it in whatever way you choose. [To educators] it helps the individual first and then how the individual relates to others. It is a unique opportunity to give you group something that will impact every part of their lives in a positive way. - K.D.

It sends the message that self-care is important and that people in charge care about their members. If you want to learn to relax, not feel so stressed out and gain control of a chaotic life, then the course is for you. It is an excellent starting point in self-care. I'm grateful that I participated in such a group. - I.L.

This Eye of the Hurricane program has the potential to improve the life of every individual that experiences it. They will receive information they likely haven't heard before and are not likely to hear in such a comfortable format anywhere else. This is information that they should be teaching in our schools. Do it! - J.L.

If you can't afford the time to take this course then you should be definitely taking this course!! Start putting yourself at the top of your list! (I have). - C.M.

Everyone should take this course because it makes one more aware of your surroundings and the feelings of others; the facilitators are all terrific. - R.H.

I was reluctant to participate at first. However, I am now a firm advocate of this Program. I have learned more about myself and I have connected with my inner peace, that I have never been able to do. This program has changed my whole outlook on life! - C.T.

It will change your life, how you approach life's stresses and help you learn how to handle and make sense of your emotions. It's essential. Should be part of any adult educational program. - J.J.

The Eye of the HurricaneTM for all patients is held in the Mind-Body Medicine Group Room at the Reproductive Health Center, 4518 E. Camp Lowell Drive, Tucson, AZ 85712.