Richard D. Lane, MD, PhD

Professor, Neuroscience - GIDP
Professor, Psychiatry
Professor, Psychology

Dr. Richard Lane is Professor of Psychiatry, Psychology and Neuroscience at the University of Arizona. He received his BA in Psychology (magna cum laude) from Yale University, his MD from the University of Illinois in Chicago and completed his psychiatric residency and a research fellowship at the Yale University School of Medicine. Dr. Lane received a PhD in Experimental Psychology (with special emphasis in cognitive neuroscience) from the University of Arizona. He has been at the University of Arizona since 1990 and rose to the rank of Professor in 2000. Dr. Lane's core academic interest is in understanding the psychology and neurobiology of emotional awareness and the mechanisms by which emotion contributes to physical and mental health. Toward this end he works in three inter-related research areas. The first area is a cognitive-developmental model of individual differences in emotional experience and expression. He has developed the Levels of Emotional Awareness Scale and has actively pursued research on the behavioral, neuroanatomical and clinical correlates of emotional awareness. The second area is the neural basis of emotion and emotional awareness using PET and fMRI and its interaction with peripheral physiology, particularly vagal tone. The third area is the mechanisms by which emotion triggers sudden cardiac death. The latter work has focused on emotion as a trigger of cardiac events, currently funded by an R01 grant from NHLBI, and a neurophysiologic model of lateralized central-autonomic interactions, currently funded by Medtronic, Inc.

Research Interests: 

Cognitive-developmental model of individual differences in emotional experience and expression; neural basis of emotion and emotional awareness using PET and fMRI and its interaction with peripheral physiology, particularly vagal tone; and mechanisms by which emotion triggers sudden cardiac death.

Selected Publications: 

Lane RD. The construction of emotional experience: State-related emotional awareness and its application to psychotherapy research and practice. Invited paper for a special issue of Counselling and Psychotherapy Research (in press March 2020).

Lane RD, Solms M, Weihs KL, Hishaw A, Smith R. Affective agnosia: A core affective processing deficit in the alexithymia spectrum. Biopsychosocial Medicine (in press April 2020).

Lane RD. Promoting the integration of psychodynamic and emotion-focused psychotherapies through advances in affective science and neuroscience. Clinical Social Work Journal (in press April 2020). 

Smith R, Steklis D, Steklis N, Weihs KL, Lane RD. Evolution and development of the uniquely human capacity for emotional awareness: synthesis of comparative anatomical, cognitive, neurocomputational and evolutionary psychological perspectives. Biological Psychology (in press June 2020).

Lane RD, Greenberg L Subic-Wrana C, Yovel I. The role of enhanced emotional awareness in promoting change across psychotherapy modalities. Journal of Psychotherapy Integration (in press July 2020).

Lane RD. Alexithymia 3.0: Reimagining alexithymia from a medical perspective. Invited commentary for Biopsychosocial Medicine (in press July 2020).

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Smith R, Lane RD, Parr T, Friston KJ. Neurocomputational mechanisms underlying emotional awareness: insights afforded by a deep temporal active inference model and their potential clinical relevance. Neuroscience and Biobehavioral Reviews 2019; 107: 473-491.

  • PhD: University of Arizona, 1999
  • MD: University of Illinois Abraham Lincoln School of Medicine, 1978
  • BA: Yale University, 1974
Honors and Awards
  • President, American Psychosomatic Society, 2005-2006
  • Honorary Fellow, American College of Psychoanalysts, 2011
  • Howard E. Wulsin Excellence in Teaching Award, Arizona Psychiatric Society, 2014
  • Yale University School of Medicine, Psychiatry, 1978-1982
  • Yale University School of Medicine, Epidemiology, 1983-1985
  • Yale University School of Medicine, Psychiatry, 1982-1983
Board Certifications
  • American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology, 1984



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Beutel, M. E., L. Greenberg, R. D. Lane, and C. Subic-Wrana, "Treating anxiety disorders by emotion-focused psychodynamic psychotherapy (EFPP)-An integrative, transdiagnostic approach.", Clin Psychol Psychother, vol. 26, issue 1, pp. 1-13, 2019 Jan. PMID: 30255535
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Smith, R., W. D. S. Killgore, A. Alkozei, and R. D. Lane, "A neuro-cognitive process model of emotional intelligence.", Biol Psychol, vol. 139, pp. 131-151, 2018 11. PMID: 30392827
Smith, R., R. D. Lane, A. Sanova, A. Alkozei, C. Smith, and W. D. S. Killgore, "Common and Unique Neural Systems Underlying the Working Memory Maintenance of Emotional vs. Bodily Reactions to Affective Stimuli: The Moderating Role of Trait Emotional Awareness.", Front Hum Neurosci, vol. 12, pp. 370, 2018. PMCID: PMC6153922  PMID: 30279652