UArizona COM-T Psychiatry Professor and Chair Jordan Karp, MD
Dementia is difficult and costly to diagnose.

AZ Central interview Psychiatry Professor and Chair Jordan Karp, MD, about the difficulties of diagnosing and treating dementia.

Add-On Aripiprazole May Benefit Older Adults with Refractory Depression

In a clinical trial involving older adults with treatment-resistant depression, aripiprazole augmentation was more effective than switching to bupropion, with a lower risk of falls.

What happens when we sleep, and why we need just the right amount each night

A growing body of research shows getting little or poor sleep doesn't just make people feel tired the next day – it places them at higher risk for heart attacks and early death, along with cognitive decline, dementia, diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity, depression and other chronic health conditions. Dr. Michael Grandner was interviewed and quoted in a San Francisco Gate article, "What happens when we sleep, and why we need just the right amount each night".

Noshene Ranjbar, MD
Trauma's Toll on Health: A Conversation with Dr. Noshene Ranjbar

In a recent podcast, Dr. Adrienne and Dr. Noshene unravel the science behind trauma and adverse childhood experiences that affect people all over the world, highlighting how important it is to address and work on such issues.

Dr. Jordan Karp in a white coat
After 33,000 COVID-19 Deaths, Many Arizonans Struggle with Mental Health

A mental health crisis created over the past three years could have long-term public health consequences, including shorter lifespans. Dr. Jordan Karp was quoted in this article.

Experts explain the lingering effects of the pandemic on mental health

Drs. Ranjbar and Duong were interviewed and quoted in a Daily Wildcat article.

Sleep, Race, & Health Disparities

What is the connection between sleep, race, ethnicity, and health disparities? What is being done to reduce these disparities? Dr. Michael Grandner provides an overview of sleep health disparities research.

Older People with Anxiety Frequently Don’t Get Help

Dr. Jordan Karp, chair of psychiatry at the University of Arizona College of Medicine in Tucson, was quoted in a CNN article discussing the insufficient focus on mental health in older adults.