Speakers & Topics

Suzanne (Suzie) Bertisch, MD, MPH (Harvard)

Keynote - Pharmacological Treatment of Insomnia in Primary Care: Keeping Patients Safe

Elisa Gumm, MD (SoAzVAHCS)

Screening for Addiction in a 20-minute Appointment

Saira Kalia, MD (University of Arizona)

Pregnancy and Antidepressants, Hypnotics, Anxiolytics

Eric J. Lenze, MD (Washington University in St. Louis)

Deprescribing Harmful CNS Medications

Jeffery Newcorn, MD (Mt. Sinai, NYC)

Diagnosis & Treatment of ADHD across the Lifespan: A Primer for Primary Care Physicians

Olivia Okereke, MD (Harvard)

Treating Late-life Depression

Kim Van Orden, PhD (University of Rochester)

Late-life Suicide Risk Assessment and Prevention