Salary and Benefits

The funded internship positions are full-time and pay an annual salary of $27,275. Psychology interns have 10 vacation days per year in addition to 10 University holidays. Any vacation time unused at the end of the internship year will be forfeited. Interns are also allowed 12 medical leave days per year. Each intern is allotted 6 days conference/professional time.

Interns receive a professional development allotment which may be used to purchase professional books or to offset expenses associated with attending professional meetings/seminars. Interns are provided the opportunity to participate in medical, dental, and vision health plans. Free parking is provided by University of Arizona Medical Center.

Administrative Assistance

David Dawley is the part-time Program Coordinator for the Clinical Psychology Internship Program. His primary role is to provide support for the interns in those activities which are essential to the successful completion of their training. In consultation with the Training Director, he coordinates the clinical activities of the interns to ensure that the training experiences are appropriate in type and number. David coordinates intern participation in appropriate orientation programs and submission of all University of Arizona employment forms. He is also responsible for monitoring and tracking time reporting to provide accurate documentation of compliance with requirements of the Department of Psychiatry, the University of Arizona and the American Psychological Association's Committee on Accreditation. He provides information to agencies, programs, and universities documenting intern progress and completion of training. David also submits documents to state licensing agencies as interns go on to become licensed as professional psychologists. Additionally, David participates in the annual recruiting process by organizing all application materials, serving as a liaison for internship applicants, scheduling interview appointments, and updating the internship website.