Tracks & Program Structure

Adult and Child/Adolescent Psychology Training Tracks

Adult psychologist and children in a group activity.The Doctoral Clinical Psychology Internship has five positions available, three in the General Adult Mental Health (ADULT), and two in the Child and Adolescent Psychology (CHILD) Track. Applicants are welcome to apply to either or both. The internship is structured around a rotational system. Both Tracks are designed to offer balanced and comprehensive clinical experiences.

The intern will gain experience in psychotherapy with special interest groups (e.g., anxiety, mood, and sleep disorders). Although some cases may be seen for the entire year, brief psychotherapy is also encouraged. The intern will develop therapeutic skills in various modalities including cognitive behavior therapy, acceptance and commitment therapy, play therapy, group therapy, parent management training, and family therapy.

Outpatient Psychotherapy

Interns of both tracks will be required, throughout the year, to carry an outpatient caseload of five to six patients in psychotherapy treated with evidence-based psychological interventions. These patients are seen through the Banner - University Medicine Behavioral Health Clinic, the largest provider of ambulatory psychiatric and psychological services in Tucson. Interns have the opportunity to gain experience in psychotherapy with special interest groups (e.g., autism, anxiety, mood, and sleep disorders). In addition, interns are encouraged to develop therapeutic skills in various modalities including cognitive behavior therapy, acceptance and commitment therapy, dialectical behavior therapy, group therapy, parent management training, family therapy and biofeedback. Specialized training in the treatment of first-episode psychosis and sleep disorders is also offered.

Psychological Assessment

Interns train in brief and comprehensive psychological and cognitive evaluations.  Areas of assessment include: Personality, verbal and visual-spatial cognitive abilities; memory; expressive and receptive language; executive functioning; diagnosis clarification; and educational aptitudes. The intern will use these assessment tools in various settings for diagnostic (mood disorders, sleep disorders), academic (ADHD/learning disability), medical (presurgical evaluations) and legal (competency to stand trial). All interns complete one general psychological/psychoeducational assessment a month.


All Interns receive a minimum of four (4) hours of supervision per week with a minimum of two (2) hours of individual, face-to-face supervision by a licensed psychologist. The additional two or more hours per week may involve individual or small group supervision.

Woman supervising student.Supervisors include full-time faculty and practitioners from the community rotation placements. Our program emphasizes high-quality supervision with faculty psychologists committed to clinical training. We believe that interns are best served by being exposed to a variety of approaches to conceptualizing psychopathology, assessment, and clinical interventions. Therefore, the intern will have several supervisors representing varying orientations throughout the year, and as appropriate for their different clinical activities. Although the majority of supervision is provided by licensed psychologists, allied professionals may also participate in supervision depending on the experiential training at a given site such as psychiatrists, nurse practitioners, and/or social workers.


A wide range of educational offerings are provided through the Department of Psychiatry, College of Nursing, and Department of Psychology. Through in-person and online didactics, course activities, telehealth simulation activities, and clinical rotations, interns gain a variety of experiences and skills that will aid them in increasing patient access to high-quality behavioral health care. Didactic topics aim to increase knowledge and competency in integrative care, interdisciplinary skills, and cultural competence.

For more program details, see our psychology internship manual.