Late-Life Mental Health

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Our Vision: To serve as a destination in Southern Arizona to provide expert-delivered, evidence-based, late-life behavioral health care and to train psychiatrists and other healthcare professionals in the care of older patients.

Jasmine Singh, MD and Matthew Erisman, MDWe work with primary care providers, mental health specialists, and their patients who require expert consultation and care by geriatric psychiatry trained specialists. Our care approach is to provide patient and family-focused consultations. Our goal is to have patients return to their primary care providers for ongoing care. For some patients, we may provide ongoing psychiatric care.


  • Patients must be age 70 or older
  • We provide care for:
    • Major depressive disorders
    • Psychotic-spectrum disorders
    • Difficult-to-treat anxiety
    • Age-related psychosocial challenges
    • Psychiatric condition that has been challenging to diagnose or successfully treat in other care settings
    • Recently discharged from an inpatient psychiatric facility
  • New or ongoing behavioral or psychological changes associated with dementia or cognitive decline.
  • Patients younger than 70 with geriatric-relevant psychiatric neuropsychiatric conditions such as early-onset Alzheimer’s disease, vascular dementia, Frontotemporal dementia, or Huntington’s disease.


  • Consultations and treatment planning to assist primary care physicians in providing ongoing care
  • Medication management

Please note: we do not provide ongoing counseling or psychotherapy.

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Psychiatry and Behavioral Medicine Clinics,
Department of Banner - University Medical Center South

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