Trung (Jack) Duong, MD, PGY-3


  • Monday Morning: It’s the start of a new week! My mornings are always hectic, but I was glad I prepped my lunch and outfit last night. I start heading to work at 8:30 a.m. Third year is all outpatient, and we each get super cute individual offices. I am excited to come in this morning to water my office plants. I have all my intakes and most of my supervisions for the week today so I usually do not schedule any patients for the morning. I spend about an hour catching up on my readings and prep all my notes for the day. First intake with a new patient is at 9:30 a.m. and it is a perinatal case!
  • Monday Afternoon: I have lunch with some of my fellow third year residents on the patio in our clinic before heading back to my office to prepare and finish notes. I have an intake with a new patient followed by E&M supervision and another new patient intake. I work a little more on notes before heading home around 5:30 p.m.
  • Monday Evening: After work, I rush home just in time to change into my work out gear for Spin & Strength class at Let’s Sweat. Some of the colleagues and I use Classpass which allows us to sign up for different fitness classes around town. It’s been a great way to try something new, workout with classmates, and beat the summer Tucson heat. After a good sweat, I head back home to prep for dinner (Vietnamese ginger chicken for tonight), and wind down over some Netflix with my partner. We have been hooked on watching Jeopardy! lately.


  • Tuesday Morning: Today, I am at the VA clinic for the morning, so my day starts a little earlier at 8 a.m. After seeing my three follow-ups and realizing my intake is a no show, I had extra time to do some PRITE review questions before heading home to grab lunch. My partner has been working from home so it is good having this extra time to catch up with him.
  • Tuesday Afternoon: After a quick coffee run at Dutch Bros, I am now back at South Campus to finish seeing the rest of my patients for the day. I make it a priority to always get all my notes done before leaving the clinic. Since we get to schedule our own patients in PGY-3 year, I rarely have any problems leaving the clinic by 5 p.m.  
  • Tuesday Evening: Today I am trying out Pilates with one of the PGY-2s. We were not prepared for how much flexibility and balance that would take! Afterwards, I head to Trader Joes for a quick grocery run before dinner and lunch prep for tomorrow. I end the night with a casual stroll around the University campus with my puppy Nyx. We had to rush back home before the monsoon rains pour down. These monsoons are unique to Tucson summers and this year have been spectacular!


  • Wednesday Morning: My morning starts out as usual with taking Nyx out for a quick walk before feeding him while rushing to get all my things in order as I head to the office. My first follow up is a 9 a.m. today, and after a couple more appointments, I join my colleagues on the patio for a nice lunch break. We usually have Grand Rounds at noon on Wednesday, but they are not starting until next month.
  • Wednesday Afternoon: The rest of the day is dedicated time for didactics and education. We have Journal Club at 1 p.m. presented by one of the PGY-2s on TMS treatment in mania. I love Wednesdays because it gives me a chance to catch up with all my co-residents from other classes. Later, the classes split up to go to our class specific lectures. I get to learn more about CBT-I, Cultural Psychiatry, and finally Advance Therapeutics before finishing up for the day.
  • Wednesday Evening: In first year, my class started a tradition of all of us going out together after didactics to a local restaurant for some fun residency family bonding time. This was difficult to uphold during the peak of the pandemic, but today some of us were able to meet at American Eat Co., a local eclectic food court, for some gyros, horchatas, and hot fried chicken sandwiches.


  • Thursday Morning: After the usual morning routine, I start my clinic this morning by seeing my psychotherapy patient for CBT. These therapy appointments can be a refreshing change from the quicker and shorter E&M visits for medication management. I also get the chance to teach my patient more about the CBT-I techniques I learned in didactics yesterday. For PGY-3s, we get 2 days of dedicated didactics! At 10:30 a.m., I head to the group room for lecture with our one-way mirror patient. This is the chance for us to see our psychodynamic attending work with one of her patients. Afterwards, we discussed the case and different therapy related concepts. Then, we all meet up on the patio for a lunch break.
  • Thursday Afternoon: After lunch, didactic sessions continue with Integrative lecture and more concepts from Psychodynamics. We split up into two groups and head to our therapy case discussions where we get to watch our taped therapy sessions with the attending and classmates to discuss the key points. Thursday didactic end with process groups usually, but today we are talking about art and psychiatry!
  • Thursday Evening: After heading home, I quickly head to another fitness class downtown. The evening is jam packed today because right after, I head to Ten55 Brewing Company for Trivia Night! One of my classmates love trivia and she is trying to make this a tradition. We split into two teams of 6 each and somehow walked away with 2nd and 3rd place for our first time participating! Looks like watching Jeopardy! came in handy because we earned $30 in gift cards for winning.  


  • Friday Morning: Happy Friday! I start out with psychotherapy supervision at 8 a.m. and go over my videotaped psychodynamic patients with a supervisor. It is always so difficult watching myself on tape, but the takeaways are super helpful. The attending and I discussed different defense mechanisms and transference that would come up in that session which helps to inform me when I see that same patient right after supervision.
  • Friday Afternoon: For lunch, I quickly grab items from the lounge and head over to PRITE review. This is a weekly noon event presented by some of the PGY-4s. I want to make sure I do well on the exam this year in order to continue to have moonlighting privilege. After a refresher on Erikson’s developmental stages, I feel recharged and ready to see the rest of my follow ups for the day.
  • Friday Evening: Some friends and I made plans for dinner earlier and we are heading to Chef Wang for one of my favorite dishes, honey walnut shrimp. Chef Wang makes the best in town. We topped it off with some Taro Milk Tea from Ni Hao Tea – they use real cooked taro! After dinner, we drove to a co-resident’s house for a night of board/card games. We are playing Everdell tonight, a super cute game where you collect resources and prepare for the season with little forest animals. What a fulfilling and indulgent end to my work week!

The Weekend

  • Saturday: There are about 12 call days total across the entire PGY-3 year, so I usually have most of my weekends free. Since my partner and I are heading to the Bay Area next week to see my family and road trip on the PCH, I figure I will moonlight this weekend to get some extra cash for the trip. The program offers moonlighting in house starting in the second half of PGY-2 year if you score above the 50th percentile on the PRITE. Not only is this a great chance for me to make extra money, I also get to practice my inpatient skills. It looks like another colleague is also moonlighting this weekend so we divvy up the list of patients and pick how many we want to see. I review their charts and go into the unit to round on the patients. After a lunch break, I work on the rest of my notes and call to staff with the attending. I love the autonomy and freedom with moonlighting.
  • Sunday: Today is a lot easier since I am just seeing the same patients from yesterday. I do my note prep and round on them again. There are usually very little changes to make over the weekend, but sometimes I do catch medical concerns, or find myself changing medication dosages to better care or speed up inpatient stay. After staffing with the attending on the phone and finishing my notes for the day, I leave a little earlier to head back home and meal prep for the week/catch up on my Netflix. Some more play time with Nyx before I head to bed and start next week’s adventure.