Sleep Assessments & Treatments

Assessments & Treatments

All patients receive a comprehensive assessment of sleep difficulties and how those difficulties impact on daytime functioning. This includes measurement of sleep duration, timing, quality, and environment, as well as aspects of health and functioning related to sleep quality. We then work with patients to develop a customized, individual treatment plan for each of our patients, based on the unique challenges and problems that they present with. We then develop a Denise Rodriguez Esquivel, PhD, Assistant Professor, Psychiatrypersonalized treatment plan that ensures that both the patient and provider are on the same page as treatment moves forward. In addition to the following services, we also do cpap adherence, nightmare work, managing sleep in the context of medical and mental health conditions, and treatment of circadian rhythm disorders.

Insomnia Treatment with CBTI 

  • CBTI stands for Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia. It consists of a set of tools and approaches for treating insomnia without the use of medications. CBTI is safe and very effective; in fact, it has proven to be as effective or better than any prescription sleeping pill. For this reason, CBTI is recommended as the therapy of choice for insomnia by most major medical organizations. It has proven itself very effective in over 20 years’ worth of research studies, including head-to-head comparisons with medications. It also has proven to be effective even if the insomnia exists in the context of depression, chronic pain, anxiety disorders, other medical disorders, and even cancer. But you may not have heard of it – there are still very few people with expertise in this treatment. The way CBTI works is that it understands that whatever the cause of your insomnia, the brain becomes programmed to be awake during the night in bed. No matter how tired you feel, your mind can’t seem to slow down, or your body can’t seem to be able to relax. What CBTI does is essentially re-program your body and your brain for sleep. We can usually do this in just 4-10 sessions.

Medication Management 

  • Many people are taking medications or supplements to help them sleep. Often, these are not as effective as expected, or they stop working after a while. Also, they can lead to unpleasant daytime effects. For these reasons, we can help people reduce their sleep medication use over time. Often, people who are used to taking medications to help them sleep are afraid that if they stop taking medications that they will experience severe sleep problems. We work with patients to help them reduce their sleep medication use slowly and gradually, all while improving their sleep without the need for medications. So we can help you reduce your sleep medication use and try to avoid the negative effects.

Cristina Garcia, PhDLight Therapy & Chronotherapy 

  • Our biological clocks are extremely important for regulating sleep-wake cycles and many other systems in our body. When these internal rhythms become disrupted, it can cause sleep problems and problems in other areas of health and functioning. Sometimes this can happen as a result of changes in schedules (like jet lag) or with shift work. Sometimes the body’s internal clocks can be out of sync with the external environment (like with extreme night owls) and can cause difficulty with daily life. When these situations present themselves, we can use non-medication approaches such as Light Therapy, which uses specially-designed lights to re-program your biological rhythms. We can also use other circadian rhythm treatments to adjust biological clocks.

Sleep Hygiene & Lifestyle Sleep Health Counseling 

  • In today’s society, sometimes maintaining healthy sleep habits can be difficult. We can work with patients to maximize their ability to achieve their optimal sleep. We can help fix problems with sleep regularity and environment, optimally time caffeine intake, etc. We can also work with patients to develop customized plans around including sleep in overall health efforts such as proper nutrition and exercise.

Sleep Apnea Therapy Management 

  • Sleep apnea is a common sleep disorder that, if left untreated, can lead to significant complications including heart attack and stroke. The best treatment, CPAP, is often difficult for patients to use on a regular basis. So many people are not getting the full benefits of their treatment. We can work with patients to make CPAP use a regular part of their routine.

Relaxation Training 

  • Many people have a lot of difficulties preparing for sleep and winding down at night. As a society, we tend to confuse relaxation with distraction. Distraction is a passive process and is often unhelpful for sleep. Relaxation, on the other hand, is an active process that helps prepare your mind and body for sleep. Our specially trained providers can help you learn to relax your mind and your body so that you are maximally prepared for rest and sleep.

Sleep Pattern Monitoring 

  • Many people experience irregular sleep patterns or have difficulty identifying the problems with their sleep. We can use cutting-edge sleep assessment technology and complex statistical methods to help patients monitor their sleep-wake cycles to identify patterns and help propose solutions.

Sleep Performance Consultation for Athletes & Executives 

  • Our program has experience working with Olympic, professional, and collegiate athletes (as well as members of elite military units). We have also worked with individuals from a wide range of industries. Let us use this experience to help you maximize your health, decision-making, mental performance, and physical performance by maximizing your sleep.

Integrating Sleep Treatments into Existing Treatment Plans 

  • We can work with your other medical and/or psychiatric treatment providers to manage your treatments for a wide range of problems. Since sleep problems are common in many medical and psychiatric disorders, we can work with your other providers to best integrate sleep health management plans into your existing care.